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Badges: Wound/Veterans/Shooting Prizes, etc.

Boxes (Patriotic) & Cigarette Cases

Bronzes/Busts/Statuettes & Figurines

Colonial Memorabilia

Desk Pieces & Accessories

Documents Nr 1: Awards AND Decorations

Documents Nr 2: Patents, etc. (Paper Only)

Field Gear & Soldiers' Personal Effects

Flags/Banners & Accessories

Flight Qualification Badges (Imperial)

Imperial German Air Service Nr 1:Artifacts,  Personalities, Groups, Shoulder Boards

Imperial German Air Service Nr 2: Documents, Books, etc.

Imperial German Regiment der Gardes du Corps & More

Imperial German Headdress Nr 1: Pickelhauben

Imperial German Headdress Nr 2: Busbies/Mützen/Tschapkas/Visor Caps, etc.

Imperial German Headdress Nr 3:
Reference Materials/Guides/CD's & DvD's
Iron Crosses & Related Materials

Just In from Germany: Newest Items! ALL items start here!

Medal Bars & Ribbon Bars

Miniatures & Boutonnieres

Navy (Imperial German): Documents/Swords/Daggers/Badges/Cap Tallies/Books

Orders & Decorations Nr 1: 4 Major German Kingdoms & Central Powers, Post War

Orders & Decorations Nr 2:Grand Duchies/Duchies/Free States, etc.

Paper & Wood Artifacts: Books/Photos/Albums/Maps/Artworks (framed paintings)

Patriotic Domesticware Nr 1: Fine Tableware/Steins/Glassware/Porcelain

Patriotic Domesticware Nr 2: Wooden/Metal/Cloth/
Embroidered  Household Items

Patriotic Jewelry Nr 1: Rings/Bracelets/Pendants, etc.

Patriotic Jewelry Nr 2: Pins

Postcards Nr 38: German Royalty-Kaiser Wilhelm I/Kaiserin Auguste Viktoria ONLY

Postcards Nr 40: Photo Albums/Original/Framed/Cabinet Photos/Cartes Des Visite (CdV's).

Postcards Nr 42:Imperial German Air Service & All Aviation-Related.

Postcards Nr 43:Imperial German Armed Service & All Army-Related.

Postcards Nr 44:Kaiserliche Marine & All Navy-Related.

Postcards Nr 45:Other Imperial German/Central  & Allied Powers Royalty and Nobility

Ranglistes: Imperial German Army/Navy & Imperial German References on CD

Royalty & Nobility (German): Personalities, Swords/Daggers/ Portraits, Memorabilia

Shoulder Boards

Signed Photos/Documents/Autographs from German Military/Nobility/Royalty



Swords/Daggers/Edged Weapons & Accessories

Table Medals

Uniforms & Related Accessories

Vivat Ribbons

Wooden Display Products (Helmet & Visor Stands)

Zeppelin & Balloon Memorabilia

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      Here is Tabby in all her feline glory! 
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