German Militaria & Antiques from the Imperial German Period; We feature pickelhaube, spike helmets, uniforms, medals, shoulder boards, autographs, Iron Crosses, Documents, Autographs, Flags, Busbies, Tschapkas, Kugelhelm, Visor caps, Vivat ribbons, postcards & photos, etc. Our specialties: the Imperial German Air Service and Imperial German Navy (Kaiserliche Marine).


Der Rittmeister Militaria LLC deals in fine collectibles from Imperial (pre-1918) Germany. Our inventory is constantly changing, with regular shipments from Europe. We also make numerous trips to Germany every year and have excellent connections to find the finest and most unique Imperial German items available anywhere.


Bala says, "Dive in with me!"

Some notes before you enter:

First, Der Rittmeister, LLC is involved with items from
Imperial German Period,
NOT the Third Reich or militaria from other countries.

Second, and equally as important, due to the volume of requests,
we cannot identify items from photos or descriptions,
or offer evaluations from them.

Our time is very limited. Our first priority is serving our customers and answering
their questions about
OUR items,  NOT those belonging to OTHERS.
Please do not send uninvited images.


Bala says, "Dive in with me!"