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This is the Mecklenburg-Schwerin War Service Cross 2nd Class for Combatants. The decoration was the equivalent to the 1914 Prussian Iron Cross 2nd Class. It was awarded in both 1st and 2nd Classes. While not as old as the Iron Cross, it was awarded for far more conflicts. It was established in 1800, in both full and prinzengroße sizes. It is also seen in both Combatant’s and Non Combatant’s versions. In some cases, it was awarded to women with its ribbon tied in a bow rather than a straight ribbon. This example is in excellent condition. It is similar in size to the Iron Cross, but is gilt in color. A crown appears at its top. The letters “FF” appear in the center, standing for “Friedrich Franz,” Mecklenburg-Schwerin’s final Grand Duke. “1914″ appears at the decoration’s bottom. The reverse features the information listed below. Für Auszeichnung Im Kriege. (For Award in Wartime). The decoration comes with a short length of ribbon featuring a wide band of light-blue, two narrow red stripes, and two narrow yellow stripes. The decoration is in fine condition.

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